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French registered charity Eau Laos Solidarité (ELS), has been accompanying children in Laos towards better health since 2011. Together with our local partners, we are active in the areas of hygiene education, the training of hygiene educators, sanitation infrastructure and the creation of books and games around hygiene. Your on-line donation goes 100% to actions in Laos.
Why? In Laos, few schools have access to water and toilets. Books and tools that encourage good hygiene practices are vital. And adopting good hygiene practices is essential to good health.
Our solutions are: Education, Training, Sanitation infrastructures and Hygiene kits

1. Education through fun books and educational tools

We are the pioneers in creating hygiene books for Laos. Our Lao team creates attractive and funny books, which we distribute to schoolchildren and teachers. They are also great training guides.
« I am a teenager » is a lovely, colourful book which young girls how to manage puberty and periods – in  Lao & English.

Explaining body changes at puberty

Explaining body changes at puberty

« We all love a clean school »:  this book entertains primary school children with stories and songs about hand-washing and keeping clean. It motivates them towards key hygiene practices and is written in Lao.

We love a clean school for primary schools

It is so important to awaken kids’ curiosity and incite good hygiene practices for improving health. We do this in a playful way with:

  • Puppets
  • Songs
  • Drama
  • Posters
  • And of course our books.

Workshops & Hygiene Clubs: Our « Hygiene is fun » workshops use interesting ways to encourage children to adopt good hygiene practices. Games reinforce this behaviour, as well as supporting the maintenance of infrastructure, toilet cleaning etc.
Our « Lao Girls Teen Project » inform girls about the process of puberty – an uncommon exercise before our involvement. We do this through workshops in schools with our trained Lao educators.

2. Training
Our role is to meet the needs of our Laotian partners who wish to be trained in different aspect of hygiene. We train our Lao team and hold refresher sessions to strengthen their capacities. In schools where we work, if teachers ask for training we do it if we have enough funds. Other organisations in Laos also ask us for a Training of Trainers in school hygiene and menstrual hygiene management.

3. Sanitation infrastructures
Projects in water supply and toilet construction are made in partnership with parents-teachers associations who provides 20% of the cost, while Eau Laos Solidarité provides expertise and other resources. We only act after carrying out comprehensive studies and needs assessment in collaboration with our Lao partners.
The toilets are attractive and easy to clean. Each toilet block has hand-wash facilities, which are so important to reduce disease. Boarding students now have separate showers. Prior to this, they had to wash in the polluted river.

What is a ‘tippy tap’? In some schools, installing a water supply is just too expensive or geographically impossible. We teach students how to make a tippy tap with a water bottle, a pipe, and some bamboo poles. Placed opposite classrooms, it reminds children and teachers to wash their hands after using the toilet and before eating.
And drinking water? It gets very hot in a classroom with a tin roof. Students cannot carry enough drinking water for their needs. We distribute Lao made ceramic water filters which provide safe, potable water for students and teachers.

Water filter signed

4. Hygiene kits
In order to encourage children and adolescent girls to adopt key hygiene practices, we distribute « Welcome Teenager » bags to girls to celebrate the coming of adolescence; together with our book, “I am a teenager”. These help them to manage their first period. They contain underwear, disposable sanitary towels and soap.
Washing hands with soap is an effective way to reduce infection. We provide schools with soap to go with the tippy taps or hand washing facilities. Periodically we distribute soap kits at hand wash sessions and clean teeth kits too.